A/C Sealant Detector Model ACSD


The Neutronics Model Quick Detect? Sealant Detector is a must for every A/C technician. The Quick Detect? quickly lets you know if an A/C system sealant has been added to the A/C system. Once you know that sealant is not present you can safely recover the refrigerant and start repairs. Some sealants have been linked to A/C Recovery machine damage that is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. To avoid costly damage to components and equipment, be sure to check for sealants AND refrigerant contamination on every job. Typical A/C sealants react with moisture and air to create a seal at the location of the leak. The sealant is carried through the A/C system by the refrigerant oil. When the sealant escapes through a hole in the system, it reacts with the moisture and air present around the leak and solidifies to prevent the refrigerant from escaping. These sealants are readily available to both the public and technician and may have been installed without your knowledge. When this material is removed from the vehicles A/C system during recovery, it is likely to come in contact with both moisture and air, possibly causing it to solidify within the solenoids and tubing of the refrigerant recovery machine.