Ultima ID Model RI-2012yf Refrigerant Analyzer


California Prop 65 - Warning

The Neutronics Ultima ID model RI-2012yf Refrigerant Analyzer will provide a fast, easy and accurate means to determine refrigerant purity in refrigerant storage cylinders or directly in vehicle air conditioning systems.


Refrigerants:   R134a, R1234yf, R22, HC, Air

Test Time:       90 Seconds

Calibration:      Automatic

Interface:         USB (SAE J2843 Compliant)

Sample Type: Vapor Only 300 psig max.

Temperature:  50 – 120 F

Warranty:        One Year


The instrument is supplied complete with an R1234yf sample hose, and R134a sample hose, an AC power supply, tank adapters for both R1234yf and R134a, an internal rechargeable battery and all required plumbing housed within a rugged, portable, storage case.


UL, CE, SAE J2912

Available Accessories


Spare Replacement Parts

6-02-6000-08-0  Replacement Sample Filter

6-02-6001-28-0  Replacement R134a Hose w/ Coupler

6-02-6001-29-1  Replacement R1234yf Hose w/ Coupler

6-02-6001-18-4  Replacement R1234yf Flow Restrictor Hose

6-02-6001-32-0  Replacement R134a Flow Restrictor Hose

4-03-5004-07-0  Replacement R134a Tank Adapter

2-02-5100-29-2  Replacement R1234yf Tank Adapter

6-01-6001-13-0  Replacement AC Power Supply

2-06-7000-36-1  Replacement USB Cable