Mini ID R1234YF Refrigerant Identifier


The new, low cost Neutronics Mini ID Refrigerant Identifier for R1234yf helps you verify the presence and quality of R1234yf refrigerant in Automotive air conditioning systems, so you can help avoid potential damage to your air conditioning service equipment and business from refrigerant contamination. The Mini ID delivers fast and accurate refrigerant analysis in a self-contained, compact, and extremely portable package. The unit is rugged and very simple to use. It automatically provides step-by-step indication of the gas sampling process.

Mini ID Refrigerant Identifier Technical Specifications:

Weight: 2 lbs

Refrigerant Detected: R1234yf

Accuracy: PASS/FAIL 95% Pure R1234yf

Power Requirements: 12 VDC via Included Battery Clips

Approvals: UL, CE

User Interface: Membrane type with visual indicators

Calibration Method: Hand Pump

Storage Temp.: -10° to +50° C

Operating Temp.: +10° to +45° C

Construction Material: Molded ABS housing/molded rubber sleeve.