Ultima ID PRO Model RI-700H Refrigerant Analyzer w/ Printer


California Prop 65 - Warning

The HVAC/R industry is in transition. Soon, new HVAC systems containing R22 will no longer be available, and there is a global mandate to significantly reduce the supply of new R22 available worldwide. Improved accuracy and a wide variety of refrigerants make this the superb tool for pre-screening refrigerant prior to consolidation and reclamation.


R22 is still the primary refrigerant in millions of HVAC systems, and in the future, recovered/recycled R22 will be the primary source of refrigerant for these older systems. With very little new R22 coming online, the value of pure, recovered R22 will increase significantly.


Analysis now becomes a must!


R22 is now replaced by many new refrigerants ? professionals must be able to know which ones they are dealing with. Why? Because the value of good reclaimed R22 is $2.00 per lb. or more, and the cost to dispose of mixed refrigerant can exceed $4.00 per lb. The net difference between good and bad refrigerant can be more than $6.00 per lb. Contamination of one R22 cylinder with another refrigerant can cost a contractor over $300.00. For the consolidator, a contamination mistake could cost thousands.